The loyalty program launched by the "Alphainfolab Private Limited Company", rewards members who choose to shop from Sairandhri store and allows them to earn reward points and exclusive privileges on every purchase, all with one simple membership.

Enrollment points: As soon as you become a member of Club Sairandhri, you start earning. You are rewarded 2000 points on your welcome.

Earn every time you Shop: Members of Club Sairandhri earn reward points on each purchase. As per detail mentioned below in the table, you are going to earn from 10% to 40% reward points on apparel purchase and jewelry making charges. It depends on your membership tier.

Tier upgrade: The preceding 3 months shopping is taken into account to upgrade the tier. You are also going to earn reward points on each upgrade. It is mentioned below in the table.

Value of reward point: Each reward point carries a value of Rs.0.10/-. It is calculated on multiplication of 0.10 by number of reward points earned by you. Earned amount can be redeemed on next bill at Sairandhri Showroom’.

Membership validity: A member needs to maintain a minimum shopping account for next 12 months from the day of tier assignment. If this minimum criterion is not met, one is assigned the preceding tier. Silver members need to shop at least once in the preceding 18 months to retain their membership.

Club Sairandhri exclusives:Each category member is privileged to certain benefits viz., (a) Advance intimation of special offers, promotions and new arrivals, (b) Exclusive shopping days and fllor area during sales, new arrivals / festivals, (c) Complimentary home-delivery etc. It is very well described in below mentioned table.

Birthday reward points: If you purchase in your birthday month, you are rewarded with 20% extra points. It also can be redeemed in your next purchases.

Earn Points from your very first purchase!

You can start earning from your first purchase as a Silver tier member

One Sairandhri point = Rupee 0.10

Each Sairandhri point is equal to Re 0.10/-. Points will be credited within 24 hrs of the transaction.

Silver? Gold? Platinum?

The highest Sairandhri tier which you have earned in a specific brand store will be applicable across the all brands.

Redeem across the Sairandhri brand stores

Earn & redeem points our brand stores. There is no Minimum threshold on Point redemption.

You always win as an Sairandhri member!

There’s no end to how much you can do with your Sairandhri membership

*Points earned for every purchase with "Sairandhri"
Tiers Minimum value Maximum Value Earn Point % Redeem Point
Club - A 0 25000 10 10
Club - B 25001 50000 15 20
Club - C 50001 0 22 30
1 Point = Rs.0.10

Members can also upgrade their tier through by shopping below mentioned amount in a single bill or same day

We love giving you back something special in return for your love, here are some more membership benefits!

  • Birthday/Anniversary Offers!

    We love it when you can buy yourself something special on your Special Days; so every year, we’re going to give you a Happy Birthday/Anniversary Offers, just like that! Buy something nice okay?

  • Sairandhri First

    You’re a Sairandhri member for a reason, and that’s why, you get to set your eyes on the latest in everything across Sairandhri Universe! Because exclusive peek feels good!

  • Sairandhri Services

    We like being a part of the things you need. So if you’re an Sairandhri member, we’ll give your watches, eyewear, and even jewellery a good clean. And for the days you have an eye appointment with us, we’ll even remind you!

Terms & Conditions:

1. Club Sairandhri rewards program is run by Alpha Glamour Pvt. Limited ‘The GBS’ 8 New Agrawal Nagar, Navlakha, Indore -452001 (The company).

2. A member of Club Sairandhri rewards program (The program) will be called ‘The Member’.

3. The value of one reward is Rs.0.10

4. A first purchase entitles you to apply for Club Sairandhri membership and to get its benefit. However, the company reserves the right to refuse membership to an applicant without assigning any reason. The company also reserves the right to terminate membership without citing the reason.

5. Registering into the Club Sairandhri program will take minimum 24 hours from the time of enrolment. Membership card will be delivered within seven days.

6. Membership to this program is restricted to individuals with a mobile number. No sharing of registered number at the time of billing will not accrue that transaction amount in the program.

7. By becoming a Club Sairandhri member, the member authorizes the company, to communicate, from time to time, on contact details provided by the member.

8. Reward points awarded may vary and may exclude certain range of merchandise.

9. All points accumulated in Club Sairandhri card have validity of only 12 months from the date of its credit. The points can be redeemed by a member at Sairandhri show room only within 12 months.

10. The program entitles you for discounts as reward points on current purchases only. Purchases made against exchanges or credit notes will not qualify for discounts.

11. The program benefits as points are valid on payments made by cash/credit card /debit card.

12. The program benefits are applicable only for retail customers and not valid on bulk purchases.

13. The program discounts are exclusive and cannot be clubbed with Special / Corporate / Employee privileges and / or with any other offer.

14. The company may change, amend, add, alter or terminate this program, including the rewards structure, without prior notice.

15. The company has the right to change, limit, modify or cancel rules, regulations, rewards, and Club Sairandhri point structure at any time without notice. The point structure can also be restricted and modified during certain events.

16. For any complaints or queries, you may contact us at or write at company’s registered office. Disputes arising in respect of any subject matter shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the Indore, M.P. Court.